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“We first met Max about 10 years ago, quite by chance. At first we saw her at the events she organized for the Portsmouth Health Events Group. As an Hippocrates Health Educator she is the epitome of health and always has a positive attitude. If you want advice about health or nutrition she is professional, reliable, positive and well informed.”


"I've heard Max talk many times and the surprising thing is that I ALWAYS learn something I didn't know.

Her knowledge and understanding of health is impressive. However, it's her smart eloquent wit that compels me to go and listen to her again and again".


Max knows more about nutrition, food and health than anyone I know. She has given me loads of fantastic advice in numerous consultations. I am absolutely sure she has saved my life by pointing out where I was going wrong and giving me excellent advice on my whole lifestyle as well as nutrition. Max is also brilliant at creating mouth-wateringly delicious raw food recipes! Thank you so much Max.


I just wanted to say a big thank you for my recent consultation. It made me understand the greater importance of pursuing the raw food path aligned specifically to healing my cancer. It left me feeling very confident in my choices, because your knowledge is backed by a scientific understanding as well as an intuitive feel. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative time.


“I first met Max in 1999, when she introduced me to the benefits of a healthy raw food lifestyle and Juice Plus, which I followed for the next 3 years, but then for various reasons discontinued.

Last year I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and my doctor put me on blood pressure medication. Not wanting to be on medication I contacted Max and used her e-Consultation service, since I live in Australia. She analysed my response to the questionnaires and replied with a detailed approach to reducing my blood pressure and cholesterol. I followed her advice and after 3 months both blood pressure and cholesterol are at normal levels and I feel great.

I would highly recommend anyone with health issues to have an e-Consultation with Max - you will be surprised by the quality and detail of her report, all backed up by the latest science and research.

Thanks Max for getting me back on the road to healthier living.”

Peter, Western Australia

'Max is engagingly enthusiastic, extremely knowledgable and very generous with her time. A small group of us attended a sprouting session at her house recently and had a most enjoyable and informative experience - we all now understand the great benefits of sprouting and eating fresh growing greens and have more confidence to start growing our own! Highly recommended.'


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