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Sprouting Classes

Book a class for up to 4 people for just £100

One of the most important aspects of the living foods lifestyle is the incorporation of sprouted foods. Sprouted foods include small leaf sprouts such as alfalfa, broccoli and onion, sprouted pulses such as lentils and chick peas, and vegetable sprouts such as mung and aduki. Tray greens, including pea, buckwheat, wheatgrass and sunflower greens, are classified as large leaf green sprouts and are fundamental to the programme.

The many benefits of consuming sprouted foods are well documented, but where does one start? Which sprouting jar is best to use? Which sprouts grow without soil? How long do the seeds need to be soaked? What will and won't grow in an automatic sprouter? Where can I get the equipment?

I have been growing and using sprouted foods on a daily basis for several years, and in this hands on sprouting class you will receive all the information and confidence you need to grow perfect sprouts every time, for only a few pence per day! This class is usually taught on a weekend as a small group with no more than four people. Please call or e-mail to arrange a session with your friends or family, or just yourself.

'Max is engagingly enthusiastic, extremely knowledgable and very generous with her time. A small group of us attended a sprouting session at her house recently and had a most enjoyable and informative experience - we all now understand the great benefits of sprouting and eating fresh growing greens and have more confidence to start growing our own! Highly recommended.' - Anne

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