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Private Consultation

In person, by phone or via Skype

A private consultation represents incredible value. Following receipt of your questionnaires, which you can download here, I will have all the information I need to tailor the consultation to your specific requirements, and assist you in making the changes that will bring you the greatest benefits.

Everyone’s needs and goals are different, and, just as no two people are identical, no two consultations are ever the same either!

During your consultation, which lasts for two hours, I will discuss your goals with you and together we will work out an easy to follow nutritional regime which will bring you the maximum benefits, whether you are in the process of recovering from illness, preparing for your first 10km run, wishing to shed a few pounds of excess fat, wanting to improve your Marathon times or just seeking to experience a greater sense of well-being. You will also receive a free signed copy of The Whole Body Solution.

I also offer an implementation program following the initial consultation. This enables you to phone me at a predetermined time to receive further advice and support. This is particularly valuable if you don't live in the south of England.

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