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Private Consultation

A private consultation represents incredible value. Following receipt of your questionnaires, which you can download here, I will have all the information I need to tailor the time we spend together to your specific requirements, and assist you in making the changes that will bring the greatest benefits. I currently offer three levels of consultation, since everyone’s needs and goals are different. You choose the level at which you want to work with me and I will give my advice and input specifically aligned to your personal circumstances and goals. By having three separate levels, you can be sure that my advice and input will bring you measurable benefits, regardless of where you currently are on your personal wellness journey. Clients at each level will receive a copy of my book The Whole Body Solution.


Level One (Basic) – A Better Me

A two-hour consultation

Please choose this level if you are committed to improving your health but are unable to embrace a fully plant-based diet – for example you might have family members who do not entirely support your dietary goals, you might eat out a lot or travel regularly.

At this level you will be supported to choose the healthiest foods possible given your circumstances. Appropriate breakfast, lunch and dinner options, as well as lifestyle adjustments will be discussed in detail and advice on the best food supplements to use will be given, all relating to the responses in your questionnaires. This option does not include any follow-up coaching calls, but these can be purchased separately via this link. This is my entry-level program and is suitable for motivated people wishing to upgrade their diet and lifestyle choices without having to experience overwhelming change. Most of my clients are currently working at this level.


Level Two (Advanced) – I Want More

A two-hour consultation plus 2 half-hour weekly follow-up calls

Please choose this level if you have been eating a plant-based diet for more than two years, or if you are ready to embrace a living-foods lifestyle from the word go and are no longer prepared to compromise on your food and lifestyle choices. You must be committed and ready to significantly upgrade. At this level you will be expected to make widespread changes and will be held accountable via 2 follow-up half hour coaching calls, which are held at weekly intervals after your initial consultation to keep you on track. Numerous clients are working at this level and although their individual circumstances vary, their goals are similar – to experience the best health possible and place themselves in the dietary category at which the risk of degenerative disease is significantly reduced.

Further investment in your health is expected at this level, for example with the purchase of particular supplements for best results, and basic equipment which you might not already possess.


Level Three (Elite) – Supercharge Me!

A two-hour consultation plus 4 half-hour weekly follow-up calls

Quite honestly, I don’t accept many clients at this level, but when I do... wow, do they get it all! To be accepted to work with me at this level, the most important criterion I insist upon is an absolute determination and commitment to massively upgrade every aspect of your diet and lifestyle. You’ll get 4 half-hour coaching calls after your consultation but these will not be to keep you on track (you’re the kind of person who does that anyway), but to give you even more upgrades because you’re going to want to know everything!

At this level you will be prepared to do whatever it takes with diet and lifestyle upgrades to achieve massive results in the shortest possible time. It will be tough, and you will be pushed well out of your comfort zone, but you’ll love it. You’ll love it because I will give you all the advice and support that you need to improve your cellular health right down to your DNA. You’ll love it because you appreciate that your health is your greatest wealth and you are prepared to stop at nothing to attain/maintain it. You will be given access to life-changing information and a wealth of resources to help you on your supercharged journey. To get the most out of the Elite program, you will be expected to make a significant financial investment in your health, for example by purchasing equipment that you may not currently possess, and a spectrum of supplementation that will be necessary to achieve the goals you are shooting for.

Warning - this program is not suitable for everyone. Indeed, many people would find it completely overwhelming. You will need to be massively motivated and during the consultation and follow-up calls you’ll probably be asking what else you can do to upgrade (don’t worry – I’ve got it covered!). So, if you are that kind of person (Type A personalities, those who have received a shocking diagnosis or those who are in the elite zone and want to be the absolute best in everything they do), please book in. And if not, no problem - please choose the basic or advanced program.

If you have any doubt about which of my programs is best suited to your needs, please book in for a complimentary 15-minute no obligation chat.

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