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Telephone/Skype Follow-up

1 hour   £90

Course of 6   £350

If you have had a personal consultation with me, or attended one of my group classes, further questions will undoubtedly arise as you progress towards better health, fitness and peak performance.

Whether you are in the process of recovery from illness and wish to discuss recent blood test results, or you have increased your athletic training and want to know how best to maximise your speed of recovery between workouts, I can answer your questions. For many clients, the initial consultation is just the beginning of a longer term relationship, and I am only a phone call away for support and advice on any aspect of your health journey.

The service works as follows:

Following receipt of payment I will contact you by email to pre-book a time for your call. I will take your call personally and you can discuss your challenges with me or just use the session to get all of your questions answered.

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