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Oxidative Stress and the Link between Diet and Health

Could this be the presentation that completely revolutionises the way you view your food? Via biochemical reactions in every one of your cells, you have the option to either create better health or promote ageing and disease. Which route will YOU choose? And do you have the information you need to work out which food choices will lead you down which path?

This is the CD for you if you have ever been confused about the scientific jargon regarding antioxidants and free radicals. What exactly do antioxidants do? Where can you find them? Just how damaging can a free radical be? And why can oxygen be both a saviour and a curse?

In this easy to understand half-hour presentation, you will find out:

  • How simple chemistry can have such a profound effect on our cellular health,
  • Which type of cooking massively increases your need for antioxidants, and why you should never do this to your food,
  • What the effects of free radical damage are in your brain, eyes, skin, muscles, blood vessels, immune system and more,
  • Why the government’s “5 a day” recommendations are woefully inadequate, and what you can do about it,
  • Why we have to eat food of these two colours if we want to preserve our eyesight as we age,
  • Exactly how green foods work to reduce our incidence of cancer, heart disease and more,
  • Which special white coloured food not only fights cancer and heart disease, but also lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol, and is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.

Cardiovascular health has never been this easy!

This CD is a great complement to Feeding the Brain and The Role of Nutrition in Cancer Treatment. Remember to access your discount if you buy 3 or more CDs!

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