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Top 10 Raw Food Tips
for Osteoporosis

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Book - £12.99

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Millions of women and increasing numbers of men worldwide are suffering the pain and debility associated with osteoporosis. For the 1 in 3 women over age 65 already affected by the disease, the cost in both financial and personal terms is astronomical. In this thought-provoking book, Max Tuck suggests that not only can we prevent bone loss, but also puts forward a detailed plan for rebuilding bone density.

Based on proven science and a passion for nutritious food, Max puts forward her “Top 10” list of actions we can all take to maximise our bone density even into advanced age. With an easy to follow and entertaining written style, she provides new hope and inspiration for a stronger future.

“Max Tuck is one of the most informative and knowledgeable speakers that I have met. She takes her passion for health and nutrition and funnels it through the pages of this book. Recommended!”
Philip McCluskey, Author and motivational speaker, life coach

“Although this book is called ‘Top 10 Raw Food Tips for Osteoporosis’, don’t be fooled! Max has synthesised the most cutting edge principles, strategies and wisdom to set you free AND allow you to experience phenomenal health. Max walks her talk more than anyone I know, you’ll love her story and personal journey, and to top it all off she has proved the principles work. Also, having known Max for many years, I know her standards are as high as they come, her integrity is second to none, and with that you’d be crazy not to read and master this phenomenal book.”
Mike Nash, Director, Raw Perfection Ltd, Author, Aggressive Health

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