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The Importance of Minerals

Earth’s crust consists of up to 92 minerals, and minerals are present in thousands of biochemical reactions throughout every one of our 50 trillion cells! Did you know that we need at least 60 minerals for optimal health? Incredible but true! Debate rages regarding whether or not we can get all these from our food. This CD gives you the lowdown on just how important minerals are for our health – their diversity and benefits will astonish you!

By investing in this thoroughly researched recording, you will learn:

  • Why it is that poor mineralisation can lead to body-wide problems and poor health,
  • Which widely marketed “food” for infants contains less that a quarter of the minerals that we need for even average health,
  • Which two minerals are essential in the prevention of diabetes, but that you will hardly ever hear about, least of all from your doctor,
  • How current agricultural practices are rendering our food almost devoid of minerals,
  • Which minerals are present in one of our most important anti-ageing enzyme systems, and where to find them,
  • The essential information on growing mineral-rich food that has been hidden for over 50 years, but is now coming to light again – if you grow any of your own food, don’t miss this!
  • How you can use mineral-rich food to achieve beautiful skin and hair, strong bones, healthy blood, optimum fertility, and much more!

Don’t leave it to chance – get mineralised and restore your cellular health!

This CD perfectly complements the book “Love Your Bones” – click here for details.

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