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Living Food for Optimum Physical and Spiritual Health

What really constitutes living food? And is it actually important? Exactly how and why is it important for our health? And what, if anything, does food have to do with spirituality? Don’t be put off by this part of the title – this presentation contains plenty of research facts for the scientists!

By investing in this CD, you will learn:

  • That the body is primarily electrical, and what is happening on a cellular level to either create health or promote degeneration and disease,
  • Which minerals can correct altered DNA in the presence of cancer,
  • Which foods contain the most life force and therefore the greatest electrical potential, and what this means for your cellular health,
  • Which “food” is like a big black hole of energy negativity with zero lifeforce,
  • The only country in the world where it is safe to drink the tapwater,
  • The cooking method that massively increases the incidence of leukaemia – ignore this at your peril!
  • The complete spectrum of foods that we require for rebuilding health,
  • And finally, the 3 phases of life, as they are supposed to occur, why they have gone wrong, and how we can get back on track.

This is a whole-body journey through cellular health and beyond. Enjoy the ride!

This CD is an excellent companion to Oxidative Stress and the Link between Diet and Health. Remember the discount for purchases of 3 or more!

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