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Hippocrates Health Institute

Hippocrates Health Institute

The Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, is a fantastic place to visit. Guests come to Hippocrates from all over the world, for all sorts of reasons. Many people visit the institute to reverse major degenerative disease, others come for a healthy holiday, others still to study on the Health Educator program, which runs 3 times per year. Whatever your personal reason, I’d be delighted to help you plan, and make the most of, your stay.

Florida is easy to get to from the UK, but most flights focus on the Orlando theme parks rather than for those who wish to travel further south. Having visited Hippocrates several times over the course of my training, I can suggest the best travel options for you once you have decided to book, the best times of year to visit if your travel dates are flexible, and which accommodation types would be most suitable for you. I would also be happy to chat to you on the phone if you have any concerns regarding any aspect of whether visiting Hippocrates is right for you. My advice is free and carries no obligation whatsoever.

Below are some FAQs about Hippocrates. If you have any other questions regarding how a visit can benefit you, just e-mail me or pick up the phone.

I have cancer, and I have heard that at Hippocrates they can cure cancer. Is this right? Are the treatments successful?

Many people who have cancer attend the Hippocrates Health Institute. The wonderful thing about the 3-week Life Transformation Program is that it teaches people how to activate the self-healing mechanism which lies within all of us. Many guests have successfully healed themselves of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses through utilising the techniques taught there, and by following the dietary regime recommended.

Those who embrace every aspect of the program, and avail themselves of all the facilities provided, can quite literally turn their illnesses around. Let’s consider this though; Brian Clement, the Director, states that in the 50 years that the Hippocrates Institute has been running, they have never cured anyone. What he stresses is that people cure themselves. That is what the Institute teaches you to do – to heal yourself, in beautiful and supportive surroundings which allow you to start your own unique healing journey.

With reference to cancer, Hippocrates has the highest success rate in the world, either conventional or otherwise, for healing the disease. For anyone currently affected by cancer, it is my absolute top recommendation to to visit the Institute for at least 3 weeks, and consider enrolling on their Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program, which runs alongside the Life Transformation Program.

I have heard that the Institute can help people to lose weight. Is this true? Won’t I be hungry if all I can eat there is salads?

The Hippocrates lifestyle is brilliant for attaining ideal bodyweight in a safe and permanent way. In fact, I know of no better regime. And no, you will not feel hungry or deprived. One of the triggers for overeating, and development of obesity, is lack of nutrients. This leads to a feeling of hunger because the body wants good nutrition. If we try to fill it up with “empty” calories, it will just tell us we need to eat more because the appetite for nutrients has not been satisfied.

Many people also overeat for emotional reasons, and the psychotherapy counselling at Hippocrates likewise addresses these issues. The food served is so nutritionally dense, but low in calories, that it provides all the daily requirements without creating caloric excesses. And there’s an awful lot more to Hippocrates food than just salads, as the beautiful twice-daily buffet demonstrates. In fact, many guests eat their fill and still lose weight. The timing of meals likewise ensures that people are not eating late at night, a known cause of weight gain.

Exercise classes are provided daily, and all guests are encouraged to attend these and also work out in the gym. This is not compulsory of course, but attainment of ideal body weight is more rapidly achieved by taking advantage of all the wonderful facilities available and the individually tailored plans.

I am diabetic. How will Hippocrates help me?

Type 2 diabetes can be very rapidly reversed by following the Hippocrates Program. Many diabetics can heal themselves to the extent that they no longer require insulin shots, and for those who still require insulin, the dose can often be significantly reduced.

What about heart disease or high blood pressure?

There are a number of different types of heart disease, but for those whose disease is as a result of arterial plaque (atherosclerosis), it was documented by Max Wolf as early as 1910 that this can be reversed in 4 months by adopting a low protein vegan diet and by taking enzymes. At Hippocrates, the process can be reversed more quickly since the diet is not only vegan, but also raw, with fresh juices and superfoods, which dramatically accelerates this healing process. In as little as 3 weeks on the Life Transformation Program, your blood pressure can return to normal and prescription medication is often no longer needed. Individual results vary of course, because no two people or their health challenges are ever the same. Suffice it to say that I have met significant numbers of people adopting this lifestyle, who no longer need antihypertensives or statin drugs, for example.

If this is all so successful, why isn’t my doctor recommending it? Why don’t they tell us this stuff and why do they just prescribe drugs for these conditions?

This is a great question, and one that is very frequently asked. There are a number of reasons. Firstly, not every patient is prepared to take an active part in their healing process and willing to take full responsibility for the actions that determine their level of health. Many, many people expect their doctors to just fix them or give them a pill for something and are not prepared to make any changes at all to their diet and lifestyle. Clearly, you don’t think in this way, otherwise you would not be reading my website. It is however a sad truth that some folks just think it is their doctor’s responsibility to sort out the mess that they may have created. I feel very sorry for doctors in this position – it must be very demoralising for them, because ultimately they are kind people who want to do the best for their patients, often in the only way they know how – prescription drugs.

Additionally though, there is an issue with what is taught in medical schools. Nutrition for health is not really even taught, let alone the type of nutrition needed to reverse degenerative disease. Even if it is, it tends to be the type of “moderation” recommendations that we have probably heard before – everything is fine in moderation. The truth of the matter is that in many medical schools, nutrition training consists of a 4 hour, optional lecture in 5 years of medical school. I think also nutrition is not seen as “sexy”. It certainly is in my opinion, especially when you get onto the superfoods. However, medical schools only seem to teach the “protein, fat and carbohydrate” type of nutrition, and maybe a few disease states caused by vitamin deficiencies, rather than the type of nutrition that you’ll learn at Hippocrates.

Finally, doctors have to be very careful, and they are subject to stringent regulations. If they start doing things that are slightly outside of what is considered “best practice” for certain medical conditions (i.e. prescription drugs), they could rapidly be facing malpractice lawsuits. They just can’t risk that, which is why there is the need for all these disclaimers everywhere for anyone who is doing something that’s considered to be unorthodox, myself included.

I’m already healthy – what can Hippocrates do for me?

The Hippocrates Health Institute is an amazing place. It combines a multitude of modalities in one sub-tropical location, and is a wonderful destination for a healthy holiday. As their promotional adverts say, “some guests just come for the pools”. It is stated that people go to Hippocrates because they are either enlightened or frightened; enlightened because they already know about the benefits of living food, or frightened because they have received a shocking diagnosis.

When I first visited the Institute, it was 2004 and I was already eating 100% raw vegan food, exercising regularly, had been researching healthy living for 14 years and was, in my opinion, doing all the right things. I was absolutely stunned at how much I learned, and how much I benefitted from my visit. It will be the same for you. If you have already committed to healthy living, a visit to Hippocrates will enable you to have so much more than a healthy holiday; it will consolidate your beliefs that you are doing absolutely the right thing for your long-term health and vitality. It will give you the opportunity to detoxify, exercise, learn, relax by the pool, take saunas, have massages, eat wonderful food prepared with skill and dedication, enjoy fabulous juices 3 times a day, meet lovely people from all over the world and share in their successes, and make lifelong friends.

You can participate as much or as little as you wish. You can laugh, cry, have fun, go to bed early, stay up late, go to the beach, visit Florida Keys if you hire a car or go with others, watch uplifting and educational DVDs that may not be available in your home country, and so much more. A 3 week stay is called the Life Transformation Program. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

It sounds great, but what is a typical day like?

No two days are the same at Hippocrates, but here is an example of one of my days spent there.

7am – morning meditation
8am – exercise class (gym or pool)
9am – wheatgrass juice, followed by green juice (cucumber)
10am – morning lecture (a variety of health topics are presented – the lecture could be anything from Enzymes for Health to Psychotherapy in Healing, or a guided meditation)
11am – green juice (celery, cucumber, pea shoots, sunflower greens)
11-30am – further lecture or demonstration, or pool time.
12-30pm – lunch – your selection from the fabulous buffet prepared by head chef Ken Blue
1-30pm – afternoon lecture
3-30pm - wheatgrass juice
4pm – green juice (same as 11am)
4-30pm – yoga class, or t’ai chi
5-30pm – evening meal – another wonderful buffet spread
7pm – evening lecture, often presented by a guest lecturer who is not a Hippocrates employee, or film/educational DVD

As you can see, there is a lot of variety, and in between lectures there is time for swimming, saunas, spa treatments, group trips out to Whole Foods Market for example, or the opportunity to attend a local raw restaurant, or a trip to the beach. I didn’t hire a car on any of my trips, because there are usually some guests who have a car and are very happy to fill it up with like-minded people if they want to go anywhere. For example, on my 2006 visit for my final Health Educator training and exams, I met a guest from Virginia on the first day, who was getting a group together for a weekend trip to Key West. I jumped at the chance and we had a brilliant time.

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