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Food, Superfood and Non-food

Are you confused as to what constitutes a superfood? You’re not alone! But have you ever stopped to think about what exactly real food is, and whether you might inadvertently be consuming items in the non-food category, according to the definitions that health-seekers would go by? In this eye-opening presentation, you will not only learn all about the 6 “non-food” groups, but so much more! Hang onto your hats – here we go...

  • Why the latest government dietary recommendations for HEALTH will put you at risk of asthma, migraines, anxiety, depression and much more – this information will ASTONISH you!
  • Which type of fat you absolutely must not eat if you want to avoid atherosclerosis, cancer, heart disease, stroke and immune system malfunction, to name but a few,
  • Which non-food, when consumed regularly, destroys normal jaw structure and dentition,
  • How looking at the glycaemic index of food will help you to make better choices,
  • Which type of accepted “food”, that over 98% of the developed world still eats regularly, is the main contributor to the top 3 causes of death in Europe and North America,
  • How to reduce the risk of death from breast cancer by 5 times, just by doing this one simple thing,
  • Which widely-used and accepted harmful stimulant contains over 800 chemicals, at least 16 of which have been demonstrated to be carcinogenic,
  • The different categories of sprouted food and the benefits they have for health,
  • The true definition of a superfood and which ones are best.

By heeding the advice given in this presentation, you will slash your risk of degenerative disease, boost your blood antioxidant status, and may even become a superbeing (individual results may vary...)

This CD is an excellent complement to Feeding the Brain and The Real Truth about Food. Remember your discounts for multiple purchases!

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