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The Importance of Fat

Is dietary fat really the enemy? Or could it be that we have just been brainwashed? Why is it that some authorities advocate a low fat diet, whilst others insist that we won’t be healthy unless we take an “oil supplement” every day? Help is at hand to cut through the confusion – this is essential listening for anyone who wants their health to begin right down at the level of the cell wall!

By investing in this fantastic CD, you will find out:

  • What really happens to your body if you follow a low fat diet,
  • Which fats can undermine your hormonal health, and how to restore it,
  • What we should absolutely never do to health-giving oils,
  • Whether it is ever safe to fry our food,
  • Which type of fat is not only destroying our cellular health, but also decimating huge swathes of tropical rainforest and the animal populations that live there,
  • How eating the right type of fat can keep you slim, boost your brain, increase your energy levels, help your heart, strengthen the immune system and beautify your body,
  • How losing weight and detox have to go together, or you risk disaster,
  • And finally, which food supplement can help you, even if you have been doing everything wrong in relation to your fat intake!

This CD perfectly complements The Importance of Detoxification, so why not treat yourself to the life-changing information in both?

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