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Successful Fasting for Health and Vitality
(e-book only)

This fantastic 70-page e-book is a great introduction to fasting. It covers all the basics, from why fasting is an excellent tool for the promotion of health and detoxification, right through to hour by hour plans for fasting days and beyond. Illustrated by inspiring photos throughout, this new e-book is a must for those wanting to achieve maximum benefits from their fasts.


  • Introduction
  • History of fasting
  • Why fast?
  • Contraindications
  • Types of fast
  • Getting started – equipment and planning your fast
  • Types of juicer
  • A bit of preparation
  • Recommended juices and what to avoid
  • How much, how often?
  • Exercise during fasting
  • Rest during fasting
  • Fasting Plans
  • The no-breakfast plan
  • The 1 day fast
  • The 3 to 7 day fast
  • The extended fast
  • Sample fasting day – hour by hour
  • Side effects of fasting
  • Breaking your fast
  • Breaking your fast - hour by hour
  • Adjuncts to fasting
  • Conclusion & summary
  • Appendix
  • Fasting soup
  • Extra garlic please!
  • Taking a high enema
  • Resources

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