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The Dangers of Excess Sugar Consumption

Sugar is everywhere in our food. Added ubiquitously to processed food, and being accepted in ever greater quantities in current dietary recommendations put forward by governments, it is hard to escape from this sweet substance that many crave so much. We are told on the one hand that sugar gives us energy and that we need it to feed our brains; conversely we are told that it rots our teeth and makes us fat.

Who is right? Do we really need sugar? And if we do, why has it become a problem for us? In this eye-opening presentation, you will find out:

  • Exactly what sugar is chemically
  • What the Krebs Cycle is and how it can either run well for us, giving us energy, or deplete our reserves
  • Which hormones are responsible for blood sugar regulation
  • Which two minerals are vital for correct sugar metabolism
  • Which minerals are depleted by sugar consumption, and what to do about it
  • How excess sugar can affect the heart, liver, kidneys, blood pressure and our skeletal structure
  • What happens to our DNA if excess sugar is consumed, and how to counteract this
  • How sugar affects the brain
  • How sugar might affect our appearance as we age
  • How sugar influences not only our bodyweight, but our whole life experience

This is essential information that you will not want to be without if you care about your health. By the time you finish listening to this recording, you will appreciate not only how sugar consumption affects every single system in your body, but have sufficient information to allow you to begin the process of health transformation; not simply by avoidance, but also through adding beneficial nutrients. It is possible to completely reverse all the far reaching problems associated with excess sugar consumption, some of which you may never have been aware of.

This is the newest addition to Max’s lecture presentations. Despite having been recorded for a seminar given in 2010, it has never before been available for purchase via The Raw Food Scientist. The catalyst for its release was as a result of a lot of pressure from Max’s webmaster, who felt that she shouldn’t be keeping this presentation to herself any longer. Don’t miss out – get this life-changing information today!

This CD is an excellent companion to Feeding the Brain, The Role of Nutrition in Cancer Treatment and Oxidative Stress and the Link between Diet and Health.

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