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The Role of Nutrition in Cancer Treatment

Many oncologists will state that it makes no difference what you eat if you have cancer. If this is the case, why is it that numerous centres throughout the world are having massive success in the reversal of cancer through diet and lifestyle alone, with no harmful intervention with chemotherapy and radiation? There is very definitely more to cancer than just medical treatment. Find out how to maximise your success in the reversal of this disease process, regardless of the medical treatment that you might choose.

In this easy to understand CD, you will discover:

  • Which type of food feeds all stages of the cancer process, and must be avoided at all costs,
  • What cancer cells preferentially feed on, and what to do about it,
  • The one bodily system that is your greatest ally in the prevention and reversal of cancer, and how to support it,
  • The simple truth, discovered in the 1930s, but conveniently overlooked, that slashes the incidence of cancer,
  • What really constitutes a cure, and why the medical definition is erroneous,
  • Why we have lost “the war on cancer”,
  • The real reason we fall prey to cancer, and it’s not genetic!

But even that’s not all! You will be talked through, step by fascinating step, where all your macronutrients need to come from to aid your success in avoiding or reversing cancer. You will be amazed at this information! You will also hear about the newly-proven theory that will massively reduce your risk of cancer, and how to follow it.

The shocking facts are that cancer is a significant threat to everyone. In the developed world it is becoming the leading cause of death, having displaced heart disease from the number one slot. You don’t have to have had a brush with cancer to benefit from this information. Arm yourself with the facts you need to beat this killer today!

Two other CDs are excellent companions to this one: The Real Truth about Food and Oxidative Stress and the Link between Diet and Health. Remember, if buying 3 CDs you’ll get a discount, representing brilliant value!

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