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CDs Review

Max Tuck should have been born one of triplets. We need her accumulated skills to be heard in every school and household in the country.

Her knowledge on nutrition, health and disease surpasses everything I have learnt in the last nine years whilst embarking on my own quest for excellent health. My only regret is that our paths did not cross before I had my children. How differently I would have done things. It is nothing short of criminal how we as consumers, particularly mothers, are being brainwashed by marketing and Government propaganda all for monetary gain. Historically our Government has poured millions of tax payers’ money into treating disease instead of empowering us to prevent disease. The pharmaceutical and meat and milk market depends on our ignorance for revenue.

I initially bought two of Max’s CD’s and played them in the car. After hearing the first one I pulled in at the next motorway stop to replay it. I was horrified. I played the second CD on my way home then immediately contacted Max Tuck to order the other eight. I lend these to anyone I care about. My financial advisor has just lost a stone in weight just by cutting out dairy from his diet. My sister has lost well over two stone. My Mother is off both her blood pressure and cholesterol reducing medication.

I have worked in the medical profession for many years and often became frustrated as I repeatedly witnessed the slow decline of my patients despite bombarding them with all the latest powerful and expensive pharmaceutical drugs. I have spent years researching various methods of promoting physical and psychological health knowing there had to be an easier, cheaper more accessible option. I know now there is. More importantly this way empowers each and every individual who has chosen to take responsibility for their own health. If you are really serious about living a disease free, pain free, independent on others life then get on the internet and order these CD’s. Max is an incredibly intelligent lady whose credibility is backed by her professional standing and wealth of evidence based knowledge. Don’t just order these CD’s. Listen to them! Again, again and again. You can’t afford not to. When you have heard them one of two things will happen. The “sod it” syndrome will kick in and you will continue to sabotage your health, or you will wake up and start taking control of your life. For those of you who are still responsible for children I implore you to give them the benefit of these CD’s.

Give them the life skills my own children have missed out on. If your children suffer with either eczema or asthma then you would be foolish and quite frankly irresponsible not to heed the information on dairy products.

Patricia Taylor

Forensic Psychiatric Addiction Nurse Specialist and Government Clinical Reviewer.

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