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Recordings of health seminars given by Max Tuck

I regularly present health seminars to audiences throughout the UK and Europe, and am a guest speaker for a number of organisations. Here you will find CD recordings of my most popular presentations. These are studio-recorded, high quality audios, full of cutting-edge health research on a wide range of topics. Invest in all 10 to skyrocket your health!

These CDs are available to purchase at just £7.00 per title. Alternatively you may purchase 3 CDs for £20, 6 CDs for £38 or a full set of 10 for only £50, saving £20.

These recordings are also available as mp3 downloads at £6.00 per title. Alternatively you may purchase 3 mp3 recordings for £15, 6 mp3 recordings for £32 or a full set of 10 mp3's for for just £47.

These CDs have delighted those who have already purchased them. Feedback has included "Absolutely brilliant!" (The Real Truth About Food), "They're all great" (all titles) and "I wish I'd known this 40 years ago!" (The Real Truth About Food). For an in depth review of these CDs click here.

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